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How to Buy Bitcoin Gold from Thodex

You can use the marketplace page to make purchases of Thodex Bitcoin  Gold and make your transactions in a simple and secure way.

How do I get Bitcoin Gold?

The orders in the buying Bitcoin Gold from Thodex and sell table show orders created by users. The Quantities menu shows the total amount of purchases and sales made. Amounts can also show the sum of all users who have bid on the same unit price by multiple users, as well as orders that have been created by a user.   Unit  price, quantity and total fields must be filled in  first to give orders. orders  issued in this way remain pending in the My Orders menu, which is how clear it is for eligible buyers and sellers to match. By selecting orders created by users from the buy and sell table, you can instantly  perform your transactions through Thodex.

How do I get Bitcoin Gold Using Market Order?

For purchases of  Thodex Bitcoin Gold with  market order, the total amount of TL you want to buy must be written first.   After the TL quantity is entered, the amount of Bitcoin Gold that will be obtained at the end of the transaction in the total field is calculated and specified. When operating your order, the final price may vary upwards due to other users at the same time. Bitcoin Gold import  transaction orders using a marketplace order  occur automatically on the order at the top of the table instantaneously.

What should I write in the Unit Price, Quantity, and Total Fields?

The value you specify in the order in which you want to buy cryptocurrencies is expressed as unit price. The amount in the Quantity field shows how many cryptocurrencies you want to buy. The Total field shows the TL you will pay if your purchase is completed. When you fill in the unit price and quantity fields, the total field is calculated automatically, which shows the total value that will occur as a result of your operation. In order to see the amount of cryptocurrencies in the quantity field, you need to fill in the unit price and total fields.

Why The Transaction Does Not Occur When the Price You Specify Comes at the Current Price

The current price only means the price at which the last purchase and sale took place. If any user accepts the purchase price you have set, the match will take place and the purchase order will be completed. All purchases and trades made through Thodex  take place between users.

Which Table Can I Use for a Purchase Order?

Thodex Bitcoin Gold purchases  should be used with the sales orders table on the right. Purchase orders’ table should also be used to perform sales orders.

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