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Is It Reliable to Buy Bitcoin Gold from Thodex?

The cryptocurrency world, which was once only under the monopoly of foreign exchanges, has become more effective with the activity of Turkish exchanges.

In the cryptocurrency world, one of the most important and largest domestic exchanges comes across as Thodex. People who want to choose one of the domestic cryptocurrency exchanges are looking for answers to the question of where buying Bitcoin Gold from Thodex is reliable.

Thodex Registration Membership

In order to receive Bitcoin Gold buying from Thodex complete the documents requested by you correctly and fully in order to complete the Thodex registration membership section. Yourcompliance with kyc policy will be checked after your application. In kyc policy, you are asked for the following information.

For real persons who will apply individually;

Photo and T.C. ID number of the identity card copy, residence certificate, phone number and e-mail address.

For applications to be made by legal entities;

Tax plate, trade registry newspaper, signature circus and signature circus belonging to the authorized person specified in the, T.C. Id Number and photo containing the image of the identity card, the company cachet signed together with the printed form legal entity’s address information, phone number and e-mail address.

After completing the specified documents and processing, the Thodex account verification step will be completed.

Thodex Deposit

Deposits must be made to receive Thodex Bitcoin Gold. When you want to deposit Turkish Lira, you need to get account confirmation for this. On the Thodex website, it is necessary to follow the steps requested through the TL deposit menu. TL loading operations are carried out by remnation or EFT.

When the amount of TL requested to be made from the TL deposit menu is entered and then the TL deposit key is pressed, users will see the banks and account numbers where Thodex works.

Also on this page, the deposit code, which is created separately for each TL deposit and for each person, should be written in the description section for money transfer transactions sent to the bank accounts where Thodex works. Only personal bank accounts matching the account Username can be used to deposit money into Thodex. Once payments are quickly checked and approved after they have been credited to Thodex’s accounts, the amount you deposit will be added to the balance field in your Thodex account. To receive Thodex Bitcoin Gold, TL deposit confirmation transactions take place between 09.00 am and 18.00 pm on weekdays.


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