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What is Bitcoin Gold?

The currency produced due to problems between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash is called Bitcoin Gold. Bitcoin Gold is simply expressed as BTG.

What is Bitcoin Gold? Bitcoin users wanted to use Bitcoin again without being connected to a center, as it used to be, Bitcoin because bitcoin has lost value in the recent past. As a result of these events, a new crypto currency called Bitcoin Gold has been produced and added value.  With the production and launch of Bitcoin Gold, the digital currency market has taken on a different dimension.

What is btg’s purpose of production?

Bitcoin Gold’s goal in production and launch is to be flawless and more reliable than Bitcoin. For this reason, these features are the most fundamental feature separating Bitcoin Gold from Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Gold uses two different algorithms together. Bitcoin Gold digital currency, which uses pow algorithm and Equihash algorithm, is also very resistant and resistant to miner devices as it is designed. Thanks to this resistance and durability, it can also be used in Zcash.   Thus, thanks to this structural change, it is to replace paid Bitcoin mining applications with CPU and GPU as in the same times. All of these features mentioned above both separate Bitcoin Gold from Bitcoin and reveal the purpose of bitcoin gold more clearly.

Is BTG a Reliable Cryptocurrency?

Is BTG reliable? In the face of potential problems, the BTG team plans to intervene by applying hard forks. In this way, it is targeted to prevent any planned attacks or attacks by 51%. This rate is quite serious and high in terms of security. In this way, miner devices called ASIC will also be prevented from taking over the network. Bitcoin Gold teams prepare all the necessary components to make the network updates required for the hard fork and continue to update periodily. This is a very important step for the security of Bitcoin Gold transactions.



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