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The idea of generating a new digital currency, an idea that Jack Liao first ed and came up with, was implemented in July 2017  and came into our lives under the name Bitcoin Gold.

The digital currency Bitcoin Gold,   produced   and generated due to disagreements in Bitcoin,  is produced to be a much better and safer digital currency than Bitcoin. In order to achieve this goal, it will take place in a  different dimension by making changes to the Proof-of-WorkWork  system, which is proof of mining.  That’s why BTG chose to use the Zcash  and  Equihash  protocols to change the Proof-of-Work  system. In this way, a move was made to prevent asic machines used for mining. This allows users to mining using CPU and GPU.

About Bitcoin Gold

This move to mining using CPU and GPU is very important because ASIC machines are officially exploiting Bitcoin mining. ASIC machines are programmed to perform only one operation with high efficiency. Computers, on the other hand, can perform many operations at the same time, but the efficiency per transaction is less.  Bitcoin  ASIC machines are so efficient because of the SHA-256 protocol used by Bitcoin.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin Gold over Bitcoin?

In Bitcoin, people who use ASIC machines become more advantageous because of their use of these machines, but Bitcoin  Gold treats mining more fairly in this regard. The Equihash protocol used by Bitcoin Gold  allows mining people to earn an average of 10 to 30  hash   per CPU per second.   Those who make these transactions with machines in Bitcoin earn about 100 times more. Therefore, mining  operations will be much fairer  for bitcoin gold cryptocurrencies compared to sha-256 protocol.

Bitcoin Gold Features

Bitcoin Gold, based in Hong Kong,  uses the Equihash  protocol.  It is very transparent because it is open source code. Mining operations  are done more fairly with Bitcoin Gold.

How to Buy Bitcoin Gold (BTG) from Which Exchange?

Where to buy Bitcoin Gold? It trades many exchanges for cryptocurrencies. Although these exchanges were initially in the hands of foreigners, there are also Turkish exchanges that help you with these trading transactions. One of these  Turkish exchanges is Thodex.



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